The Breach

In 1953, deep within the southern Arizona desert, lies a military research facility only known to the public as Bunker 16.

Bunker 16 was heavily focused on defense contracts and conducted various classified projects. With the discovery of a rare leech found within the waters of the Orinoco River, Bunker 16 began PROJECT: PESTILENCE. Despite its deceiving name, research on the leech yielded surprising results. The cells within the specimen could replicate those of any living organism it came in contact with. It was theorized that the creature’s cells could heal wounds in battle, even bringing a recently KIA solider back from the dead.

One night in October, the base abruptly sent a distress signal. The case files describe base personnel attacking each other with growths and mutations on their bodies, half eaten corpses, and unearthly roars and growls coming from the ventilations. Further investigation shows that one of the leeches was missing from its stasis tank. The Agency quickly covered up the mess, witnesses disappeared, files misplaced, and rumors hushed. All that is left of the base is a sea of sand and metal.

Now, you will enter the base on that horrifying night and bear witness to the destruction caused by a creature focused on its own survival. If you escape alive, be warned, you may be its new host!