Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers.


As we are an outdoor location, due to inclement weather, including hard rain, hail and\or lightning, we will close our haunt to protect our customers and employees. In the event we close, no refunds will be given but you will be allowed to return with the same ticket once we have reopened that night or another night.

Yes, you can buy tickets online or at the door. It is strongly encouraged that you buy your tickets online in advance. Please note that the demand increases the closer we get to Halloween. Click here for all pricing options and information.

Please visit our website calendar for the most up-to-date changes and times. 

We open at 7:00pm each business night during our season.

Yes! We at Sanctum of Horror Haunted Attractions have put a lot of time and effort into our sets and have trained our actors to do their best to assure you get your money’s worth….so, Yes, it is scary!!!!


We recommend printing your tickets at home. However, if you have a smartphone, we are able to scan the tickets from your phone.

We do special rates for groups of 12 or more. For group rates to apply requests need to be made with at least 24 hours’ notice. Please contact us via phone or Contact Page with a subject line of “Group Discount” and please include the following information: the number of guests, the time and day you plan on being there, and the preferred method of contact for our staff members you get back to you.

But, please consider attending the Light’s On Event, that is Family-Friendly. Separate Ticket required.

No. But you are welcome to purchase an additional ticket to walk through again.

Night of Event

It depends. During our September and early October dates, our wait is usually very short. As it gets closer to Halloween, the wait can be quite long. We offer a FastPass that reduces your wait considerably on very busy nights.

No. As we are in an outdoor location, the line and all attractions are outside. In the event of inclement weather, we will stop our business until it is deemed safe to our customers and employees to restart.

We take that as a compliment! We ask that you stay calm and alert a Scare Actor or Event Staff member to escort you to the nearest exit. If you do leave the haunt, you will not be allowed to reenter through these exits once you’ve left. If you would like to reenter after regaining your composure, please speak to an Event Staff member and it will be to their discretion whether or not to guide you back to where you were.

Yes, both Haunted mazes are ADA accessible, if you need additional assistance, please see a member of the Event Staff.

Yes. We always have Mesa Police Department Officers at the event for your safety and the safety of our employees.

No. Any and all Photography and\or video recording (including GoPros) is absolutely not permitted within the attractions.
Please feel free to take photos or video’s outside of the attractions, just remember to tag us!

No. Considering we are located in a parking lot, parking is both free and abundant.

Experiences vary. Some people run right through, while others take their time. It really depends on how well you can handle the fear!

Yes. We have many strobe lights and theatrical fog. It is not recommended for people that have Epilepsy go through the haunted house and we also don’t recommend our attractions for people with asthma, heart issues or who are pregnant. We want you to have a safe time. Please consult your physician.

No and No. We will not touch you. Please be respectful and do not touch them. Incidental and unintentional contact may occur, as they do get very close, but they will not touch.

Maximum group size is 8 people


Yes. We accept all major credit cards and debit cards at our on-site ticket office and here at our online ticketing page.

Yes. We will not allow foul language, obscene behavior, weapons, alcohol, drugs, and etc. We reserve the right to refuse entry to anyone we consider not appropriate for entry.

Yes, most costumes are welcomed. Please be aware of the following safety restrictions: No masks, helmets, oversized costumes, handheld props\weapons may be worn. If our staff instructs against any costumes or costume pieces you will have to change or leave certain costume elements in your car before entering the attractions. No refunds under any circumstances.